About Yvonne Cassidy Weddings

Who am I? 

Hi I’m Yvonne, Creative Director at Yvonne Cassidy Weddings. Based in Dublin in Ireland.  I help couples create amazing weddings. 

I absolutely love weddings.  From the fashion to the flowers and everything in between, but most of all I love the stories.  A wedding is a love story that is played out for you.  

The early days

I spent years working in administration and in my professional career I planned nationwide corporate events. This meant organising venues and catering in addition to dealing with speakers and handling hundreds of bookings.  But I was unhappy working in a corporate environment and felt stifled.  There was little room for creativity,  and I felt like every day I spent there I was giving up a little bit more of myself. 

Wondering how I was going to change my story, my mind kept coming back to weddings.  I love planning events, I love seeing all the parts of the puzzle coming together, and in one of those light-bulb moments, Yvonne Cassidy Weddings was born.  I quit the day job and started working on making my idea a reality. 

Wedding Design

I developed my creative design service, which helps couples to translate the vision they have for their wedding and bring it to life.  I realised that some couples have a strong vision of their day, others have no vision. But most have one thing in common, which is they are time poor.  My creative design service gives couples full creative control, but saves them the hassle of pulling all the pieces together to make the beautiful picture!

Wedding Celebrant

In addition to creative design, I found a course, ran by the Irish Institute of Celebrants which trained people to be Independent Wedding Celebrants.  Instinctively I knew I was meant to do the training. I embarked on an intense training course with the IIOC. 

Independent celebrancy appealed to me because I enjoy a good love story. No matter how unremarkable a couple might think they are, there is always something in their story that sets them apart from any other couple.   I liked that Independent Celebrants were just that, independent.  It does not matter what I am or what I believe, all that matters is the couple on their wedding day.  This is how it should be.  The journey to become a Celebrant was one of self-discovery as well as anything else. 

Celebrancy adds a complimentary service to the creative design of your wedding as I am able to guide you through the legal process and crafting a beautiful, unique wedding ceremony.  It is especially useful for elopement couples.  

So this is me! I love helping couples have an amazing wedding and I am ready to help you! 

Contact me today to book a creative workshop to discuss your ideas.