Bridal Bouquet Styles

Bridal Bouquet Styles

Your bridal flowers can make a huge impact on your wedding day, so it’s important to pick a type of bouquet that will complement your overall look and theme.  Here is a guide to the different bridal bouquet styles, the type of wedding they suit and the flowers used.  

nosegay bouquetNosegay

Very traditional and popular, nosegay bouquets are round bouquets consisting of a tight bunch of flowers cut uniformly in length and style. The flowers are packed in very tightly, and tied with fabric wrap or wire. Though similar to posy bouquets, nosegays place more emphasis on greenery. They work well as bridesmaid bouquets, due to their small, compact size. 

Generally, one focal flower or focal colour defines the bouquet. This is a very elegant and classic look. 

biedermeirer bouquet in green and red flowersBiedermeirer

Biedermeier bouquets are round and consist of a tight bunch of uniformly cut flowers wrapped by fabric or wire. Biedermeier arrangements align the flowers in concentric circles around each other, creating a striped effect on your bouquet.

Flowers such as orchids, roses and dahlias work well to achieve this style.  Think beautiful, textured flowers. Perfect for creative weddings.  

Cascade style wedding bouquetCascade

Cascade bouquets showcase a waterfall of flowers; by using greenery and choice blooms, the bouquet gets a gorgeous tapering effect. This bouquet is meant to hang or drop down in front of the hand and form an upside-down teardrop shape, with a rounded top and forming a point at the bottom.

Cascade bouquets are fantastic for elegant weddings, as well as more inexpensive garden weddings with a lovely range of blooms. Vines and orchids look especially pretty in this style of bouquet.  If choosing this style it is best to keep your gown and other accessories simple.  

Posy wedding bouquetPosy

A classic and popular choice for brides, this type of style consists of a small round bouquet that is tied with a decorative ribbon and is easy to hold in one hand. Flowers like roses, peonies, ranunculus and gerbera daisies create beautiful posy bouquets.



round bouquet of purple peoniesRound

Perhaps the most well-known bouquet type. The round bouquet is a bigger version of the posy and a more structured version of the hand-tied. Round bouquets are formed into perfect domes, often using a single type of flower like roses or peonies. Round bouquets are also often monochromatic, although they look just as beautiful featuring flowers in a variety of colours

This style works best for formal, modern or traditional weddings.

Composite wedding bouquetComposite

This gorgeous bouquet, also known as a glamelia, is actually composed of individual petals, which are arranged and secured to resemble a single large bloom.

Best suited to refined weddings with a softer colour palette. Not all florists are experienced with the composite bouquet, so finding someone can be a challenge.  As a result, it can come with a high price tag. That being said, if you like simple designs, big impact and price doesn’t matter, this bouquet is for you! 

hand tied bouquetHand-Tied

Freer than other bouquet styles, hand-tied bouquets can include a wide assortment of flowers and greenery hand-tied together with ribbon, giving the arrangement a casual look from the loose stems. Hand-tied bouquets have a “fresh-picked” feel and are ideal for bohemian or rustic weddings. This is a very popular choice for brides today.  


crescent shaped bouquetCrescent

The crescent bouquet is a unique style that is shaped in a soft arch. The flowers are usually more compact in the centre, then extend out of each side into a more tapered shape.  Depending on your style, it can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Create a crescent-shaped bouquet use greenery with a natural drape like cascading ivy or star asparagus.

This bouquet is a great choice for brides that want something a little different. It can be used in modern, romantic or whimsical settings. 

contemporary wedding bouquetContemporary

In contemporary wedding bouquets, no particular form is mandatory. Flowers and greenery stick out at unexpected angles, creating a highly unique, detailed and often complex arrangement. Tropicals work great with contemporary bouquets. Consider using exotic flowers like anthuriums, monstera and birds of paradise.  Use this type of bouquet for over the top, unconventional weddings, showing your own abstract creativity. 

single stem protea wedding bouquetSingle Stem

Instead of having an abundance of flowers, choosing one gives you a simple and humble appearance. A single flower held by a bride can be beautifully romantic and sweet.  

If you want a simple and elegant look, this is the bouquet for you. This is a budget friendly option but make sure to use statement blooms like garden roses, king protea, hydrangea, or peonies to create a chic look.

pomander bouquet for weddingPomander

While this bouquet is traditionally for children and flower girls, pomander bouquets can be a fun and unique addition to your wedding. This is a great choice for bridesmaids.  

Pomander bouquets feature a round ball of flowers suspended from ribbon or twine, and worn by the wrist.

Typically, a pomander bouquet will be enhanced with colourful jewels and gems. This look is achieved using sturdy flowers such as carnations or gerbera daisy.  

presentation style wedding bouquetPresentation

Last but not least, are presentation bouquets, also called pageant bouquets.  This type of bouquet is typically presented to mothers during the wedding reception but can also be used as a bridal bouquet.  

These bouquets can be either simple and chic for an elegant look, or elaborate and detailed for a lavish look. Either way, this bouquet should fit into the crook of the bride’s arm so she can carry it easily.

Long stemmed flowers such as roses, gladiolus, tropical flowers and the standard calla lilies are popular choices for this bouquet.  

So there you have it, a guide to the most popular bridal bouquet styles.  Something for every bride and budget. 

Check out the flower menu or galleries for ideas for your bridal and wedding flowers. 

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