Celebrant ceremony – Jason & Holly

celebrant led ceremony in Glendalough

Celebrant Ceremony

Yesterday I received some photos from a couple who got married in the Summer of 2019.  It was one of my favourite ceremonies of 2019, mainly because of the couple themselves.  Jason and Holly were one of the most laid back and relaxed couples I have ever worked with.  They were one of those couples who never really sweat about anything, who just roll with the punches and take everything in their stride.  They were also obviously mad about each other, which came through in the way they talked to and about each other.   

They wanted to have a celebrant led ceremony because they wanted the freedom to curate their own ceremony. 

I was initially booked by them to do their wedding ceremony, which was being held in my favourite place, Glendalough.  During our initial consultation, I mentioned I also offered bridal flowers, and Holly jumped at the chance to tick two items off the to-do list.  

Their Story

We spoke about their lives together and the reasons behind their choice of venue. They had gotten engaged in Glendalough and it holds special memories for Jason, who had many camping adventures there as a child with his father, who had sadly passed away.  

They wanted their ceremony to be about their story.  They also wanted to keep things simple, without any fuss or frills, which really suited who they were as a couple.  The result was a beautiful sweet ceremony, which celebrated their life together, their family and the journey they were about to embark on. 

The Ceremony

It was mid July, the sun was shining as we got set up in the upper gardens in front of the Glendalough Hotel.  The wedding was a big one and to create a space that was more inclusive, we arranged the seats in a half moon shape which looked amazing and really created a feeling of togetherness with their guests. 

Our ceremony began with a reading about love, written by Bob Marley.  This was followed by Jason and Holly’s story, which touched on how they met, their first kiss, big moments in their relationship, and their plans for the future.  This included the very exciting news that they were expecting their second child! 

After an exchange of vows and rings, we finished the ceremony with a hand-fasting ceremony, using beautiful coloured ribbons.  I chose the poem ‘Hands’ for their hand-fasting ritual. The poem begins with ‘These are the hands of your best friend….’ which I felt really suited Jason and Holly.  After spending time with them, it is apparent that they are each others best friend.  As I recited each verse of the poem I laid a different coloured ribbon across their hands, which they then tied in a knot.

Our ceremony ended with a kiss and a huge round of applause for the happy couple.  And as they were having photos done in the upper garden, one of Glendalough’s resident deer popped by to see what was going on, which was a really special moment.

I loved working with Jason and Holly.  Holly had a clear idea of what she wanted for her bridal flowers in terms of colour and was so open to flower suggestions.  She wanted a free flowing natural bouquet.  We used soft white and blush roses, with loads of greenery.  Holly’s dress was a stunning champagne colour and the bouquet really complimented the colour of her dress.  

A great couple, a fun ceremony and a stunningly beautiful location.  The perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. 


About Yvonne Cassidy

Yvonne Cassidy is a wedding celebrant, based in Dublin, Ireland.  Yvonne works with couples from all over the world, helping them create bespoke wedding ceremonies. 

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