What is a Coming of Age Ceremony?

Coming of Age ceremonies recognise that children are growing up. They are moving from one phase of development to another and gaining their independence.

Many families are raising children outside of organised or traditional religions.  It is often within these religions that certain milestones in a child’s life are marked and celebrated. So what are the options if you aren’t religious, but still want to celebrate your child?

You can of course create your own celebration, or you could work with a Celebrant to create a personalised ceremony. Coming of Age ceremonies for children offer families a non-denominational, tailored alternative to traditional religious rituals. In an ever changing Ireland, we have many different religions, and many people moving away from traditional religions. Having a choice of something different, something more aligned with your own beliefs, is hugely important. 

Coming of Age Ceremonies can happen at any time in a child’s life, and can be done as a group with friends or classmates, or individually. My daughter had a ceremony with seven schoolmates. We had music, a parent read a poem, they all did a friendship sand ritual, and we finished off with a story.  It was an amazing day as a parent and as a Celebrant to work with the children and to see the joy on their faces.  

Sand ceremony for children
Coming of Age Ceremonies for children. Photo by Lisa Rossi

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