DIY…Oh Why Oh Why….

DIY wedding woes

Is a DIY wedding a good idea?

Let’s talk DIY weddings.  Weddings can be expensive and we’re all looking for a bargain or ways to save a few quid.  Many couples turn to Pinterest for DIY wedding ideas they can implement. But does this really save you money, and if it does, what does it cost you in time, stress etc.

I am all for DIY and it can be ideal especially if you are crafty anyway.  For our wedding we did our own invites. My husband drew us as cartoons which we just got printed onto card. I made my own bouquet, but I used one type of flower and I only had the one to make, I didn’t have bridesmaids. So they were easy jobs and didn’t cause too much hassle.  

Before, During & After 

If you don’t enjoy hours spent cutting, gluing, sewing or whatever it is you are trying to make, then reconsider.  If you’re having an intimate wedding then it is an option, but if you are trying to do decor for a venue and your wedding is 150 guests or so that is a big job and probably bigger than you’ll imagine at first.  

Then after you have gotten through making whatever it is, you have to deliver it, set it up, and take it down afterwards.  There may be storage to consider. Are you left with a load of items you don’t need and don’t have room for?

Another thing to think about is the prep work in advance.  It might seem easy to make your own cake or do your own flowers but consider whether you have the space.  Do you have the right equipment to bake and store a 3 tier cake? Will your venue allow you to bring a cake without the appropriate food standard certification?

If you are considering doing your own flowers, do you know where to order flowers from? Can you treat them? Even things like are there animals or small children in your house who may stick their fingers where they shouldn’t, can you keep DIY items out of their way?

Stressed out bride 

One of my dear friends is a great ‘craftist’, she is always looking for ways to recycle and reuse, she is artistic and creative. She got married in a barn type venue, which was up to them to decorate. She was always going to do a DIY wedding and  for months in advance she was making decorations. Everything turned out great but on the morning of her wedding celebration she was very stressed, getting candles lit and making sure everything was where it should be.  Things she really didn’t need to be worrying about.

So while DIY can be great fun, and a good way of bringing your personality into a wedding, really consider whether the money saved, if any, is worth more than the hassle and stress? Are you happy to be icing a cake or putting together your flowers the day before your wedding? Do you love being crafty and can’t wait to get stuck in? If the answer to that is yes then go for it.  If the answer is no then check out your other options, you may find things do not cost as much as you think.


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Yvonne Cassidy is a wedding florist and independent Ethical Celebrant based in Dublin.  Yvonne helps couples from around the world create and design fun relaxed weddings through bespoke ceremonies and creative floral designs.  Get in touch with Yvonne today to discuss your wedding requirements.

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