Eloping in Ireland & what you need to know

“Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible.”

Are you thinking of eloping in Ireland? There is nothing quite like an Irish Wedding (except maybe an Irish funeral!). Ireland is full of fantastic landscapes steeped in history, ancient traditions and of course the famous Irish craic. But planning an elopement wedding can be frustrating, especially with time differences.  Let me guide you through the legal requirements, liaise with vendors on your behalf, review quotes and contracts, organise accommodations and be your eyes and ears here in Ireland. I will be there to assist you when you arrive in Ireland, and on the day itself to ensure your Irish elopement wedding gets off without a hitch. 

As a wedding celebrant, I can advise on Irish rituals and traditions and ways to incorporate them into your ceremony or reception.  It really is one of the best places to elope!

The Legal Part.

I recommend that couples eloping to Ireland consider completing the legal part of their marriage in the home country.  Honestly, it is the easier option.  The Irish legal system can work seamlessly for some and not so well for others.  If you are a foreign national there is additional paperwork and interviews involved.  You are also required to be in the country at least 5 days before the ceremony to attend an interview in person.  I can explain the legal system in more detail and of course can advise and assist you in having a legal ceremony in Ireland.

Castle Weddings

Ireland is renowned for its natural beauty and it is true you will rarely find a greener country.  No matter what your shade is, we have you covered!  Most people come to Ireland because they want a genuine castle wedding.  And there is no shortage of castles to choose from.  Something that does surprise some people though is the fact that a lot of the castles are now bespoke wedding venues.  There are ruins dotted around the country, but many are on private property and are unsafe.   That being said, if a castle wedding is the dream then there are many beautiful castles to choose from, as long as you have some flexibility.  

Location, Location, Location.

But from the Wild Atlantic Way to Ireland’s Ancient East, there are tons of options available for elopements.  Since the Equality Referendum in 2015, more and more venues are opening their doors as wedding venues.  Country estates, de-consecrated chapels, restaurants and even traditional Irish pubs.  We have stunning outdoor locations.  As long as you are not afraid of a bit of rain, these give some great options.   Guaranteed pictures that will take your breath away! 

If you are planning an elopement wedding, then contact me below about the different options available in Ireland.

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