Eloping to Ireland & what you need to know

Are you thinking of eloping to Ireland?

There is nothing quite like an Irish Wedding (except maybe an Irish funeral!). Ireland is full of fantastic landscapes steeped in history, ancient traditions and of course the famous Irish craic. But planning an elopement wedding can be frustrating, especially with time differences.  

With an elopement package for Ireland, you can elope stress-free without the hassle of planning a big wedding.  All you have to do is show up on the day and enjoy it!

Many couples travel to Ireland for an elopement or the diaspora return home to get married. Very often it is actually easier for couples to complete the legal side in the country they are living in. There is quite a lot of paperwork required to legally get married in Ireland for non-nationals and even for Irish nationals who have lived outside Ireland for a time.  

By completing the legals in your current country of residence you are saving yourself a lot of time and freeing up certain restrictions on you.  Hiring a wedding celebrant like myself means you have total freedom to have the perfect ceremony for you.

Location, Location, Location.

From the Wild Atlantic Way to Ireland’s Ancient East, there are tons of options available for Irish elopements or intimate vow renewals.  Since the Equality Referendum in 2015, more and more venues are opening their doors as wedding venues. Country estates, de-consecrated chapels, restaurants and even traditional Irish pubs.  We have stunning outdoor locations. As long as you are not afraid of a bit of rain, these give some great options. Guaranteed pictures that will take your breath away!

If you are planning an elopement wedding, then contact me below about the different options available in Ireland.

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Picture: May22 Photography