How to have your wedding ceremony performed by a loved one

Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of your love story, and is an important ritual and tradition across cultures and generations.  Wedding ceremonies are ever-changing and modern couples are seeking ways to make their ceremony unique.

Which led to the creation of Say I Do….with one of your crew.

What you get when you book this service is the chance to really make your wedding ceremony your own.  What better way than to have your wedding ceremony performed by a loved one. Whether it is a friend or a family member, having someone you know, and who knows you, perform the celebration of your marriage is a truly unique experience.  

How does it work?

Some people are very comfortable with public speaking but in a wedding ceremony there can often be many moving parts to consider.  The celebrant often acts as a choreographer or a stage director!

I work with your chosen person, guiding and coaching them on how to perform your ceremony*.  I provide script writing, back-up on the day (just in case), and access to all the support and resources that I would normally provide to couples.     

‘Say I do…!’ is perfect for couples who are looking for an authentic feel to their day and for something a bit different.  The result is a fun ceremony, full of love and joy, a truly one-of-a-kind wedding**.

If this interests you then get in touch below to check dates and explore this option further.

*please note this is not a formal wedding celebrant training course, there is no accreditation or qualification at the end.  This is coaching and guidance to perform one specific ceremony only.

** This wedding ceremony is a symbolic celebration of your marriage.  The legal component must be completed by the HSE separately. I will explain this simple process during the initial consultation.

Picture by: Johnny Corcoran Photographer