Easy ways to add tradition to your Irish elopement

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Fancy an Irish elopement? 

If you have decided on an Irish elopement or destination wedding, the chances are you are interested in the culture, history, stories and music.  You may also have been blown away by the stunning natural beauty of our little island.  If you are looking for adventure, for romance, or just for a really good time, you will find it in Ireland.  This makes our beautiful country the perfect choice for a destination wedding or elopement.  

Ireland is steeped in tradition and being a superstitious lot, we love our rituals.  And some of our favourites relate to wedding ceremonies.  Here are my top tips on how to add some Celtic traditions to your Irish elopement or destination wedding. 

Wear blue

Contrary to belief the national colour for the State in Ireland is Blue.  It is also the colour representing St. Patrick, our Patron Saint.  The traditional Irish bride wore a blue dress as it was the colour of purity before white.  This tradition is easy to incorporate with a blue band on your dress or a fabulous pair of blue shoes.  It is a gorgeous way to bring some tradition into your Irish elopement ceremony. 

 Exchange Claddagh rings

The Claddagh ring is a symbol of love, friendship and marriage. It was first produced in the 17th Century and is the traditional Irish wedding ring.  It is a heart topped with a crown and held by two hands.  The hands represent faith, the crown honour and the heart love.  It is the perfect way to embrace some Irish heritage. 

Braided Hair

Braided hair is an ancient Irish symbol of feminine power and luck, and is thought to bring Irish brides luck for their marriage.  The hair is often braided with ribbon or lace woven through the braids.  

Ring the Bells

This is one of my favourite traditions.  The bell chime was said to ward off evil spirits, restore harmony and remind the couple of their wedding vows.  Told you we were a superstitious bunch!  A nice way to incorporate this is to give out little bells to your guests or Celebrant and have them ring them after you kiss!

Include a Hand-fasting Ritual

A hand-fasting is an ancient ritual that symbolised marriage in Celtic countries before Christianity.  The couples hands are draped and bound in ribbon or cord and tied.  This is where the term tying the knot originated.  This ritual is the most popular one I get asked for as a Celebrant, especially from couples coming to Ireland for an elopement or destination wedding.  It is such an authentic Irish tradition, steeped in history but easily given a modern twist.  The perfect ending to any ceremony.

I hope these tips give you some inspiration on simple yet special ways to add tradition and heritage into your Irish elopement or destination wedding ceremony.  For more ideas and inspiration please get in touch at yvonne@yvonnecassidyweddings.com or check out my blog on reasons to elope to Ireland.  


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