Irish Wedding Celebrant

Irish Wedding Celebrant 

I am an Irish Wedding Celebrant, based in Dublin and working nationwide with national and international couples.  I help couples create a wedding ceremony that share the story of their lives.

It is the moment you stand together, making a promise to each other to always be there. To support each other’s dreams. To share a life and a love.  To walk hand in hand into the next adventure. That is what a wedding ceremony is about. The story so far and the story yet unwritten.

I became a wedding celebrant for that reason.  To share the stories with no rules, no restrictions, no ‘you have to do this or that’. Just pure love.

What is an Independent Wedding Celebrant?

Independent Irish wedding celebrants are non-denominational and do not adhere to any specific belief system or faith.  What this means is that the ceremony does not have to follow any ethos or adhere to any rites. It should not matter what I believe or don’t believe, all that matters on your wedding day is you.  So Irish Wedding Celebrants are an alternative choice for couples looking for something bespoke, a bit non-traditional (although I do completely traditional ceremonies too!), something that they can have full input into and make their own.

I love stories.  I love hearing them and I love telling them.  As a Celebrant I get to do both. The couple will share with me their story so far, and my job is to share that again through the ceremony.  It is sweet to see that sharing their story with me often reminds couples of why they are getting married in the first place. The real reason can often get lost in the planning process!

Personalise your ceremony – make it all about you!

Couples no longer want a generic, standard script wedding ceremony. We have all sat through either an unbearably long ceremony or a ridiculously short one.  How many times have you thought to yourself that you would do it differently? That is where I can help. From the very beginning we work together on designing the perfect ceremony for you.  Gone are the rules, no more talk of what you should or shouldn’t do. Let’s talk about what you actually want to do. And if you are not sure, then I can give you some guidance.

The Legal stuff.

Independent Irish wedding celebrants are at present unable to perform the legal signing of the marriage contract. I hope that this will change soon. The Irish Ethical Celebrants Society is lobbying to try get the law changed on this.  There are many couples in Ireland who want a completely independent ceremony, separate from any belief system. This should be available to them. As it stands, couples availing of an Independent wedding celebrant must sign their legal papers separately in the Health Service Executive (HSE). You do this either before or after the  wedding day. Many of the couples I work with use this as an opportunity to have a dinner with close family or friends before the wedding.

As the current Chairperson of the Irish Ethical Celebrants Society (IECS) am part of a team of family and wedding celebrants who are working hard to gain solemnising status in Ireland.  It is a labour of love, but we believe so strongly in what we do and the service we offer couples, that we will continue to work hard until the job is done. Click on this link to read my comprehensive blog on Getting Legally Married in Ireland.

Overseas Couples/ Elopements

As an Irish wedding celebrant I have worked with many couples travelling to Ireland for an elopement or the diaspora returning home to get married.  Very often it is actually easier for couples to complete the legal side in the country they are living in. There is quite a lot of paperwork required to legally get married in Ireland for non-nationals and even for Irish nationals who have lived outside Ireland for a time.  

By completing the legals in your current country of residence you are saving yourself a lot of time and freeing up certain restrictions on you.  Hiring a wedding celebrant like myself means you have total freedom to have the perfect ceremony for you.

Fed up of all the typical wedding ceremonies? Determined that yours will be different.  Then let’s work together! 

Contact me with any questions or to find out more.