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What is a Wedding Celebrant?

I am an Irish Wedding Celebrant, based in Dublin and working nationwide with national and international couples.  I write and perform ceremonies for fun, modern couples looking for new ways to make their wedding day special.

Independent Irish wedding celebrants are non-denominational.  What this means is that the ceremony does not have to follow the rites and restrictions of any one belief. Independent Wedding Celebrants are an alternative choice for couples looking for a one of a kind ceremony.  Celebrants help you to celebrate your wedding in a way that is meaningful for you.  We focus on the love!


Personalise your ceremony – make it all about you!

Couples no longer want a generic, standard-script wedding ceremony. We have all sat through either an unbearably long ceremony or a ridiculously short one.  How many times have you thought to yourself that you would do it differently? That is where I can help. From the very beginning we work together on designing the perfect ceremony for you.  Gone are the rules, no more talk of what you should or shouldn’t do. Let’s talk about what you actually want to do. And if you are not sure, then I can give you some guidance.



The Legal stuff!

There are two sides to getting married – the marriage which is the legal agreement you are entering, and the wedding which is the celebration of your decision to enter into a marriage together. That is where I come in! 

Independent, Irish wedding celebrants do not perform the legal signing of the marriage contract.  We do not have solemnising status. In Ireland at present an organisation can only obtain solemnising status if it is either secular or religious, there is no in-between option. We have chosen not to be affiliated with any particular belief, philosophy or religion.  This is in line with other European countries. 

Modern couples in Ireland are now choosing a completely independent ceremony, separate from any belief system. This should be available to  them, especially considering the changing face of Irish culture and society.  Unfortunately there is no completely independent option for couples who want to have a personal, bespoke ceremony separate from any belief system.  

As it stands, couples availing of an Independent wedding celebrant must sign their legal papers separately in the Health Service Executive (HSE). They usually do this a few days before the wedding day. In total couples have two appointments with the HSE, one to give notification (this is a requirement no matter what way you get married) and a second appointment to complete the legalities.  I always recommend to my clients to use this as an opportunity to have a fun dinner with close family or friends before the wedding.

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Ethical Celebrant

I am Chairperson of The Irish Ethical Celebrants Society, which is a centre of excellence and training for Irish Ethical Celebrants. The Society provides community, cooperation and continuous development for independent, professional Ethical Celebrants in Ireland. 

As an Ethical Celebrant, my aim is to facilitate and celebrate life’s rituals in a way that is democratic, compassionate, just and sustainable.  

Fed up of all the typical wedding ceremonies? Determined that yours will be different? Then let’s work together! 

Contact me with any questions or to find out more.

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