Venue Styling & Design

Wedding Venue Styling and Decor Packages 

Your style tells your story as a couple. It showcases your personality, it lets your guests know this is your wedding!  Let one of my wedding venue styling and decor packages help you tell that story.  

I understand that your creativity knows no bounds and I want to help you bring the vision alive.  Maybe you feel stuck, you’re not quite sure what your vision is. Or maybe you are confused by all the different trends and styles and you are not sure which one you fit into (hint: never feel you have to put yourself in a box!)

One thing I have found is that most couples are time poor.  They do not have the time or resources to think about their vision or source the different vendors. Planning a wedding can be a massive task, our busy lives take over and as a result the wedding venue styling and decor can sometimes get pushed way down the to do list.  

With one of my packages, the stress is eliminated, helping your creativity to shine through! 

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Ceremony Venue Styling & Decor

Set the tone of your day with beautiful ceremony venue styling and decor options to suit all tastes. The ceremony is the first experience of your wedding your guests will have and it is important that your ceremony reflects you and your style.

Whether it is a beautiful church, a bespoke venue or hotel, make first impressions last with stunning ceremony decor.  

Ceremony & Table Design

Ceremony and table design includes the ceremony venue styling package plus table decor.  Whatever your style, we will work together to create and design the perfect look for your wedding reception. I believe in staying true to yourself.  I help couples discover their style if they do not know it already, and I work with couples who have a strong sense of how they want their day to look and feel.  

Full creative design

Full creative design covers everything from ceremony decor, table decor, draping, lighting, all those additional extras and bringing together a top class creative team.  Experience ignites the senses, and from the first creative workshop we map out what experience you want to have on your wedding day.  How does it look, how does it feel, what are the smells, the tastes?  Every detail is perfectly coordinated and designed.  You can rest easy and enjoy the rest of the planning, knowing that the design of your day is beautiful and flawless.     

Bespoke – all packages are completely bespoke and tailored to the couples style and needs.  

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What is a creative workshop?

This is a one to one consultation, preferably at your venue, where we discuss the different elements of your wedding style.  What is your colour palette, do you like any particular trends or styles.  We look at the space the wedding will take place in and start to put the puzzle together.  We create a vision board, and take it from there.  By dedicating this time early on in the planning to the design of your wedding, you can relax and spend your time on other tasks. 

Additional Services

Vendor Sourcing – this is a handy service for couples who do not have the time to source different vendors.  Depending on requirements, I put together a list of recommended professionals which the couple then choose from.  

Contact me to discuss any of the packages above or to book a creative workshop and get some ideas flowing.