Frequently Asked Questions! 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions people have when hiring a wedding celebrant, however if your question is not answered here just get in touch.

How far in advance do you take bookings?

Most couples will organise their Wedding Celebrant about 12 to 18 months in advance.  However, do not worry, if your wedding date is sooner than that, as long as I am free on that date, I am happy to take the booking.  

Are there any restrictions on the date or location we can get married ?

None at all. As an Independent Wedding Celebrant, I am not restricted by the State restrictions, so your ceremony can take place any day/any time/any where.  The ceremony does not have to be indoors, and can take place on private property.  This opens up so many possibilities!  That intimate ceremony you wanted in your garden – no problem!  A festival theme in a field – absolutely! Once you have completed the legal part in a registered venue (more on this below) you are free to have the wedding ceremony (celebration with your loved ones) anywhere you like.  

What kind of ceremony can we have? Can it be religious/ non-religious/ secular?

Your ceremony can be whatever you want it to be, there are no rules.  As an Independent Wedding Celebrant I am not bound by the rites or restrictions of any belief system or religion, meaning the ceremony is a reflection of your beliefs, not mine.  So the ceremonies can be religious, non-religious, spiritual or completely secular, whatever you decide!  When you sit down with me, we start with a blank page full of endless and exciting possibilities.  

Remember, the ceremony is your love story come to life.  But not all love stories are the same; some are built on a sense of adventure, some started through a mutual passion, some because you overcame an obstacle together.  Let all your joy, personality, weirdness, whatever it is shine through in your ceremony.  

Can we involve our guests in the ceremony?

Of course, and this is one of my most favourite things about a Celebrant led wedding ceremony.  There are so many ways to include those you love in your ceremony.  Ceremonial rituals are a great way to involve your guests and I can recommend rituals to include in your ceremony.  Everyone wants their wedding ceremony to be unique.  The thing I believe that makes each and every ceremony I do one of a kind is the people involved – you as the couple, but your guests as well (if you’re having some).  So get them involved, let them share in the joy, make them work for their dinner ;-).  

Can we have input into the ceremony?

Absolutely.  After an initial consultation, I write a first draft of the ceremony which is then sent to you for input and editing.  It is a work in progress until we get it perfect, and you have full control over what is/is not included. 

Can we leave things out or add things into the ceremony?

This is a big one, and another reason Celebrant led ceremonies are so amazing.  Maybe you don’t want to do vows or rings?  Maybe you want to include the speeches in the ceremony? You’re nervous and want to walk in together? You have a baby who need to nurse during the ceremony? Once you have completed the legal ceremony, which does have specific requirements in terms of wording, declarations etc, you are free to include or omit anything you want.  

Can you legally marry us?

At this time due to the current laws & regulations in the “Marriage Provisions of the Civil Registration Act, 2004, Independent Wedding Celebrants are not granted the authority to solemnise a marriage, as we are not associated with a belief system or religion.  There is currently no completely independent, bespoke and legal option for couples marrying in Ireland, which is a huge shame.   Couples who book me complete the legal side separately with the HSE office, either before or after the wedding day. 

So in total 2 appointments are needed with the HSE, one to give notification at least 3 months in advance of the wedding date (or earlier if possible as there can be difficulty in getting appointments in certain HSE offices) and a second appointment to sign the legal papers.  I explain this process in detail at the initial consultation.  

While I would love to be able to offer a complete legal package, completing the legal side separately frees the couple from any restrictions imposed by the State and they can create a truly unique and personal ceremony.  It is also a great excuse to have another celebration.  I always recommend that my couples use the legal ceremony as an opportunity to get together for dinner with a small group of friends or family, or treat themselves to a spa break.  The wedding day can be hectic so it is a nice way to connect and have a more laid back celebration beforehand.  

For more information or to ask any further questions please get in touch or telephone 087 9726776