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Weddings are a big deal, and often the most excited people about the ceremony after the couple themselves, is the parents.  Your child getting married is a huge thing for most and can be a day of mixed emotions.  The Mum’s will often play hostess to their respective families.   For the father of the bride, walking his little girl down the aisle has reduced even the toughest of men to blubbering messes, in the sweetest way!

Show them how important they are in your life by having them involved in your special day.

  1. Traditionally, the father would walk his daughter down the aisle and ‘give her away’ to the groom.  However, do not be afraid to break with tradition. Think about other ways to do this. Maybe both Mum and Dad walk down with the daughter, the groom entering  with his mother and the brides mother, the parents walk in together once all the guests are seated, but just prior to the bridal party.
  2. Have your parents do a reading or include them in a ritual such as a candle ceremony.  Nothing will break the nervous tension of a wedding more than two mothers giggling as they try and light candles!! It is a nice way for the parents to bond, especially if they do not know each other very well.
  3. Include a ring blessing or stone blessing prior to the ceremony. Ask the parents to announce and explain the blessing.
  4. Have your parents witness the signing of the documentation.
  5. Are you parents still together?  If so, ask your celebrant to acknowledge the years they have been married.  They might even share some wise words about marriage.

So, there you have my top 5 ways to include Mum and Dad in the ceremony.  There are lots of other options and some parents are happy to just be there and do not want an active part in the ceremony so always make sure to check with them what they are comfortable with.

For more ideas on ways to include parents or other family members in your ceremony please get in touch at yvonne@yvonnecassidyweddings.com


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