Alternative ceremonies – Radio 1 interview

Alternatives to traditional ceremonies Radio 1 interview with Ray DArcy

Alternatives to traditional ceremonies

Ireland is an ever changing country and this is evident in the way we celebrate life’s milestone moments.  A traditionally Catholic country, the ‘norm’ has been to celebrate life, love and loss in the church.  For many years there was no question that you would have your newborn baby baptised, or that your child would make their communion. A wedding wasn’t really a wedding unless the priest was involved and even for some of the staunchest non-believers, when it came to their death bed many turned to the church for last rites.  

Irish people as a nation have this beautiful trait of celebrating our milestone moments with joy, and we will always try to find the laughter.  Many an Irish funeral has ended in a sing song.  We love to gather together, share our stories, share songs and laughter and ritual and ceremony has always been important to us.  

Changing Times

But as the country changes we are now looking for alternatives to traditional ceremonies.  Parents are choosing not to baptise their children, allowing them to make their own choices.  Couples want more input into their wedding ceremony. They are no longer satisfied to sit through a religious ceremony when they themselves are no religious.  And we are seeing  more people taking the time to consider and plan the final celebration of their life, their funeral.  People are now choosing civil funerals, secular spaces and civil celebrants.  

Radio 1 interview with Ray D’Arcy

I had the absolute pleasure recently of meeting one of my childhood heroes, Ray D’Arcy from Radio 1. As the presenter of a children’s t.v. programme, Ray was a staple of my everyday life.  I was thrilled to chat with him, Brian Whiteside from The Humanist Association of Ireland and Enda Harte from Spiritual Ceremonies. We shared the differences, similarities and the importance of the ceremonies we offer to people.  Thankfully I didn’t gush like a little schoolgirl and we had a well balanced chat!   

Click on this link to listen to the programme.  Radio 1


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